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    May 2007

    Face Down Problem - Canon Imagepress Server T1

    Dear all ... Recently I've just installed canon imagepress w/ server T1 in my shop ... Everything was great .... the quality, the varieties of papers until I found out 1 problem .... Everytime I print ... the paper will come out faced down .... it seems no matter what option i've tried ... it keeps coming out faced down .... it's quite irritating though because it takes time for the paper to go in and come out as faced down instead of going straight face up.

    anybody has the same problem ?? how to solve this ?? thanks

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    May 2007

    No finisher ... standard output bin without any finisher attached

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    May 2007

    I am from Greece so my English is not very well.
    I have the Imagepress C1 with T1 installed too. When i printing the delivery method is "face down". When i copying the delivery method is "face up"! So i am having the same "problem" and i solve it in this way:
    I register all the paper as irregular size in Stack bypass (even SRA3. I registered as 320x450mm).
    I think that this is not the best solution but it works.
    Please if you find a better solution let us know.

    P.S. I talk with Canon in my country (they didn't know the answer) and with Canon Europe and they didn't help me!!!

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    May 2007

    yes .... i also do it the same way ... register all paper in stack bypass with irregular size .... this is what the technician here told me to do ... i think canon don't really have a solid solution to this

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    May 2007

    Did you speak with "Fiery" about this problem?

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    Yes, you can have the imagePRESS C1 print either face up or face down depending on certain conditions.
    Select COPIER>BODY(2nd level)>FDW-DLV.
    Select the "face up"or "face down" delivery when specifying multiple copies.When multiple copies are specified"face up" delivery is performed. However, this mode is provided to perform "face down" delivery to guarantee stacking condition.( This condition is invalid if a Finisher is installed).
    0: "Face up" for all setting for one sheet of a document
    1: "Face up" when specifying one copy, and "face down" when specifying multiple copies of a one sheet document.
    Note* The setting mode becomes valid after the power switch is turned OFF/ON.

    Request your Canon Service Tech. to apply this change.



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