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    Jul 2011

    Sickinger USP 13 Auto Punch

    Awhile ago our shop acquired an old Sickinger USP 13 Auto Punch. It came with the manual, albeit it's not overly clear. I have no previous automated punching experience.

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting paper to feed properly... tonnes of jams. Right now I'm working on punching 8.5"x5.5 paper, it seems a little small for this punch, but from what I read it should be able to go even smaller. The front stop in in paper guide is pretty much right at the edge of the sheet so the paper wants to creep forward and curl down here.

    The punch came with some accessories, but I'm not sure if these were stock or custom made, and I can't figure out what exactly they're for. Perhaps with small sheet sizes you need to swap out some parts?

    Does anyone have any set-up/operating tips/pictures that could help me out?

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    Jul 2012

    It is very much difficult to find any part or manual of old printing accessories. In my opinion, instead of juggling it with anymore, buy a new punching machine. It wouldn't cost you much, in trade off you can do more and efficient business.

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