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    Difference between 1 colour, 2 colour, 3 colour, 4 colour offset printing

    Hello guys

    My company is planning to set up a printing press. Please tell me what is the difference between 2 colour and 4 colour printing ...Need it urgently!!

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    retired to panama

    the rate of pay for your help

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    That's probably the best answer

    Depends on what you have your sights.

    1 colour means you're printing one color. Black. Or a spot color like blue or red or whatever. If you wanted to do process color, and have a press with good registration and patience, you have to run the paper through in 4 passes. You don't see the result until all four passes are complete. You rely on color bars and experience.

    2 colour can be either a small press with shared blanket or two units. In one pass, you can run black and spot color blue for accents or borders or graphic elements in one pass. Or you can run process color in two passes. Still takes experience, has more waste, and time. Not many are doing process color on 2 colour machines over here with the cost of labour and how many 4+ colour presses are around with capacity.

    3 colour would only be a specialty application like packaging - have never touched a 3 colour press. If you have the money for 3, you'd save up and get 4 so you can do process color.

    4 colour means you can do process color in one pass with a unit for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

    Adding a perfecter in between units means you can do both sides in less colors or run straight to do process colors.

    Hope that helps. See if you can work even for free for someone for a little while to get your feet wet before spending money on equipment.

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    if yer dont know that dont bother

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolandman View Post
    if yer dont know that dont bother
    I concur.

    Printing isn't an easy trade to learn. Sure, it looks simple to the onlooker but that's because the people doing it have learned how to do it over several years. I've been doing it for nearly 20 years (every aspect of the work from meeting the customer to delivering the order) and I still learn something every day. It's a skilled job and many people decide it looks like an easy way to make money. They fail way more often than those who succeed.

    Franky, those of use who have taken the time to learn the printing trade find it a little insulting when people come along and think it's just a case of pressing a green button on a machine and hey-presto, printing comes out of it. In a box with a label on top.

    Do a google search for "dot gain", "litho blanket stretch", "halftone screening", "litho platemaking", "print trapping", "process and spot colour separation", "pre-sensitised platemaking", "raster image processing". If you can get your head round this lot in one go, then save up half-a-million-quid, spend it on some printing gear and have a bash at being a printer ... what have you go to lose?

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    I really think that if you don't know something as basic as this then you should stay away from printing all together. We have been up and running for the last 14 years and my partners and I had on average 7 years prior to this in the industry and for the last 6 or so years have been lucky to have seen some success, having seen this; what I would term 'idiots' with some money have set up in direct competition with us thinking that they will be as successful as us. one was a taxi driver prior to setting up, another was in the car cleaning business and yet another was a car window tinter. They have no knowledge whatsoever and because of this have resorted to under cutting everyone to try and get business. Seriously though do some research, perhaps get into the design side of the industry first and then consider investing money.
    The truth is out there - some people believe, perhaps. www.sketchprinting.com

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    Sketch and Roland may be making a good point, Although a negative answer, its going to be quite a long road to learning an entire trade before you can begin learning this press. Even with hiring an experienced pressman/woman you wont have the knowledge needed to manage this person.

    You may find it worth it to look into a digital press. You can lease the machine and receive all the training you need in about 8 hours.
    In a few sort months you will know the machine very well, you can even start looking into self servicing the machine.

    On your down time , maybe take a few classes on offset printing, or have someone tutor you a bit.
    Like i said its a long road... I did my best to operate a 2 color ABDick press , and its not an easy job...

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    newfoundland canada

    As I read the posts about different peoples experiences, its quite clear that I'm not alone that when I hear of someone attempting to start in this business, I feel pending disaster. I remember being fascinated as a teenager, watching presses run,dreaming that someday I would be at the controls with that confident smile of approval while admiring the finished product.., well folks, it happened, but not without much sweat, back breaking labor, sleepless nights to meet delivery dates, disappointment because of un-for seen problems with different aspects of certain jobs. There are so many ways a commercial printing job can be rejected, ranging from wrong color to finished size of the knife, or folded wrong. I remember one job we printed that never made it out the door, printing was beautiful, boss came in as it was on the muellur, said scrap that job, needed water base coating on the cover. what a mess.
    So if you dont have the experience behind you, I'd strongly suggest NOT making the big investment, get out the yellow pages

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    Apr 2011

    Four-color process printing is also known as CMYK process and two-color printing is called spot-color printing. CMYK and spot printing take different approaches in creating print media, so always talk to the printer about your print job before you begin designing it. Both methods are used to reproduce images, artwork and various print media, quality and cost may vary based on the paper and quantity printed.
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    no please buy the press, and after a few months of it not working, sell it to me nice and cheap ;-)

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