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    AB Dick with Laser Plates

    I'm just starting to try and use laser plates (BaseLine Poly) on my 9870, and having toning problems on press - what fountain solution & ratio works best?

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    Laser Plates

    Quote Originally Posted by cosumrz View Post
    I'm just starting to try and use laser plates (BaseLine Poly) on my 9870, and having toning problems on press - what fountain solution & ratio works best?
    You will find that the plates you are using are not at all fussy about fount. As a general rule, any good quality fount that works with metal plates will work with these plates (Varn Universal Pink is a good starting point if you don’t already have one).

    I am guessing that background toning will be why you are asking about Fount.

    It is not fount that catches people out, it is ink. These plates are reasonably particular to the type of ink you use. Avoid inks designed for large offset presses, and if you really need to run those inks, add a small quantity of Aqua Varnish (I strongly recommend Van Son Aqua Varnish 30 for this).

    If you want to know that the ink you are choosing will work, stick to Van Son inks on that press – I know loads of people on forums will not agree with that comment, but I have given tech-support on these plates for over 10 years, and VS ink has never let me down.

    If there is anything else I can help you with, visit my website at stuff4print.com, and use the "contact us" page.

    Hope this helps, regards, Liam

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    Universal Fountain solution from Bestchem& Supply works great on all plastic and poly plates



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