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    Jan 2017

    AB Dick 9840 won't trip impression when running

    Ok so amongst a few other issues that I have been able to work around, this press just decided not to engage the impression solenoid while the press is running. I can hand feed a sheet into the press and it will trip correctly but as soon as I turn the motor on it will not. I have replace the feed sensor already and no change.. Are we talking board now?? Just wondering because one other issue (being worked around) is the paper feed solenoid is always on when power is applied to the press.. Not just running but always..So as soon as I start the pump..The paper starts feeding.

    Any help would be appreciated.. Thank you

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    Dec 2016

    Hi sir, i hope you are well
    Happy new year
    Well1) you must test the power supply to the Feed Sensor coming from the board
    a)if there are the problem is the sensor. b) if not the problem is coming from the board c) however lookf for
    loose connection or dry joint solder in the board d) corrosion terminal and try to resolder again in the terminals board VERY IMPORTANT
    2) if the machine is 2 colors, Not sure, but in that case test the sensor in 2 units, loose connection, dirty sensor, test the voltage too, and test
    the voltage coming to the terminaL Solenoid, for 24Vca or Vcc, look you schematic diagrams, or another voltage indicated in wiring diagrams
    3) How measure correction see the input voltage at your machine, and see if is in 10% of tolerance, otherwise, the electronic in the machine
    will be have disturbance, as you mentiond. correct it putting some stabilizer voltage or call you electric company supplier
    come back to me any questions

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    Feb 2008

    I know on the Ryobi 3302 (and ABdick version) oil used to drip on the solenoid plunger. This would kick impression on/off as you describe. Not sure of your 9840 is the same type solenoid? I used to remove top shield plate and a few clips from the linkage. This gives you access to remove the plunger and wipe it down. I used IPA on a clean rag. It would happen on both units. The central oil system would dump oil on the solenoid covers and it would wick down and cause this every few months. It's a pretty easy fix if that's the problem.

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    Dec 2016

    ok, use electric special spray for electrical parts like WD-40
    is very Powerful.
    However, try to protect the solenoids, with some design for
    to avoid this situation.
    back to me any question

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